We can design and package for you, but here are our signature packages:


Ultimate Therapy
Relax & unwind with a hot stones or lava shell full body massage, followed by an uplifting boutique ultimate facial

£95.00 | 2 hours

The Boutique Experience
Let your therapist take you on a journey of pure relaxation with our aromatherapy full body massage, our boutique ultimate facial followed by a Luxury Boutique Spa Pedicure. Absolutely bliss

£115.00 | 3 hours

Pregnancy Ritual
Our exclusive mum to be treatment starts with a relaxing back massage and an uplifting exfoliation of your aching tired feet & legs - followed by an invigorating massage and a soothing mini glow facial, with a tranquil scalp massage

£65 | 1 hour 15 mins


choose 2 for £55.00
choose 3 for £80.00

Aromatherapy Back Massage

Boutique Spa Pedicure

Boutique Manicure

Tranquillity Scalp Massage

Mini Power Facial